Radomir Dvorak


Radomir Dvorak meadery specialized in semi-sweet mead with delicious combinations of spices. The best metheglin in 2017 in Czech republic.

Radomír Dvořák
Czech republic
Lužná u Rakovníka


The story

Slanař family started bee keeping in Lužná in central Bohemia in 90th. In 2002 they started producing mead and in 2009 they established their own production facility. Since then they are producing one of the best traditional meads in the Czech republic. They use their own honey and add variety of spices to their meads. Mead is produced by a cold process and is very stable thanks to a long maturation process and quality filtration. No preservants need to be added. Their mead is very popular also due to its lower alcohol content and is less sweet.
From 2018 the production contunues under Mr. Radomir Dvorak.

Commercial producer

  • Muzeum medoviny - prodejna Na Zderaze 14, Praha 2

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