ô La Butine


It is a traditional mead. It is made with honey and its cells (honeycomb).

ô La butine
classical mead
nectar  wildflower
0.50 l
15.5 %
Honeycomb, water
Sulfites 40 mg per liter



PIERRE LE CRAS is aged in oak barrels with a solera system. It is not vintage. 15,5° ABV - D 1035 Tasting: Floral and toasty nose, very honeyed menthol wax Fresh and full mouth, honey, candied fruits (dried apricots, almonds), propolis. Elegant finish on beautiful bitters and candied fruit

Competition awards

Agri-Deiz Festival Quimper Brittany (France) 2012 Gold médal - 2015 and 2017 Bronze médal - 2018 Sylver médal

About meadery

Small meadery located at Concarneau, Brittany- France, near the Atlantic Ocean

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