Čebelarstvo Šercelj


Family beekeping with a long tradition tradition, which is based on producing varietal honeys, classical and sparkling mead

Dolenjske toplice


The story

The production of honey drinks is based exclusively only on from their own honey. Beekeeping farm currently manages around 1,300 bee colonies in an extensive area in southern Slovenia. Thanks to this, they offer wide selection of varietal honey - acacia, lime, chestnut, buckwheat, but also classic flowers, and various types of honeydew honey.
Flower and mixed honey are used to make the mead. It is then a base for sparkling mead.


classical mead

Čebelarstvo Šercelj: Flower honey mead - semi-sweet

Flower honey mead - semi-sweet

Semi-sweet Slovenian mead produced by cold process and fermented from flower honey

sparkling mead

Čebelarstvo Šercelj: Peneča medica Roška

Peneča medica Roška

Semi-dry sparkling mead produced in Slovenia by secondary fermentation in a bottle. The basis for production is mead fermented by a cold process from flower honey

Commercial producer

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