Metsiederei Eckert


Sustainable produced organic meads from Switzerland

CH-3044 Innerberg


The story

Metsiederei Eckert was founded in 2013 as there was no mead to be found in Switzerland which the founder, Mr. Alexander Eckert liked.
The first two meads produced "Milfion" and "NorseMet" are still seethed today - beside of other "newer" meads.
Mainly traditional meads are made, especially with a strong focus in using local resources, renewable energy and caring about the bees where the honey comes from.
Also a accent is put on wild yeasts as they deliver tastes who can't be found in labor yeasts.

mead destilate

classical mead

Metsiederei Eckert: VITUM


40% mead destilate


classical mead

Metsiederei Eckert: Fleur de Miel

Fleur de Miel

Flavour: almond

Sweet Traditional

Metsiederei Eckert: Professor Bienlein

Professor Bienlein

Flavour: walnut cacao

Traditional mead aged in a bourbon whiskey barrel.

Metsiederei Eckert: BlackLabel NorseMet

BlackLabel NorseMet

Flavour: herbal spiced walnut

Semi-Sweet Traditional matured

Metsiederei Eckert: Milfion


Sweet Traditional

Metsiederei Eckert: NorseMet


Flavour: herbal spiced

Semi-Sweet Traditional

Metsiederei Eckert: Othlannden


Semi-Sweet Traditional aged in Laphroaig-barrel

Metsiederei Eckert: BlackLabel Milfion

BlackLabel Milfion

Flavour: walnut

Sweet Traditional matured


Metsiederei Eckert: Wilde Jagd

Wilde Jagd

Flavour: spiced flavored

Metheglin (Spiced Mead) with fir-tips and Pepper


2013 - Founding
2017 - MazerCup Silvermedal "Traditional SemiSweet" with the BlackLabel NorseMet
80/100 Points "Traditional Sweet" with BlackLabel Milfion
2018 - 92/100 Points "Open Category Sweet" at MazerCup with "Professor Bienlein"
88/100 Points "Traditional Sweet" at MazerCup with "Fleur de Miel".
2018 - GoldMedal "miód pitny" at KraftRoku in Poznan with BlackLabel NorseMet

Mead production

Mead is produced in the old, simple way:
Warm water is mixed with honey and fermented up to half a year.
After fermentation the young mead runs through a Pasteurizer and get to mature in either steel tanks or barriques from 6months to 1year.
All meads (beside of special small batches) are organic CH-BIO certified.

Other products

Swiss Honey from the own dark honeybees Apis Melifera Melifera in low numbers.

Commercial producer

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