• Mead News

    March 2019: open for free registration
    January-February 2019: beta version, testing with few meaderies
    March: we want to add about 30 new meaderies, not only in Europe
    January 2020: After a little pause we are again contacting meaderies to join our project
    April 2020: launched Online tasting book
    May 2024: imported new about 500 world meaderies to our database

  • Mead database

    Help us building the 1st International mead database!

    Nowadays a renaissance of mead making coming and mead is getting popular again in many parts of the world. Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage. This site is going to be your starting point for every mead drinker. We also want to help meaderies to promote its production worldwide.

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    Powered by Mead Museum in Prague, Czech republic

    Mr. Jiří Pouček founder
    +420 776 814 841

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