A short story in the beginning..

Well, it started in 2014 when I became to be a big fan to mead. I was collecting meads from small meaderies which it wasn't able to buy in my home town. My small town - Prague:) I found that there are about 5 large commercial meaderies in Czech republic doing a mead of any (questionable) quality. Aside there exist about 50 small meaderies making really honest meads which you can't find anywhere in stores.

I started doing mead tastings for my friends and then for other people and developed a online database of Czech and Slovak meads. In 2016 we open a new store Medovinarna ®  in the center of Prague and it begins to be a popular for turists and also mead turists from all parts of the world :)

In 2016 - 2017 I travelled to Slovenia and Poland and I found there very high quality meads also. So we decided to lauch our new mead e-shop for Europe and to import meads from other countries not only from Slovakia. In the same time I also found more than 500 meaderies around the world! We made a translation of a part of mead database to English but we found to be impossible to collect all data in database by one man in one life. The final decision to open the database came in 2017 but I takes a long time preparing everything and re-developing the catalog administration pages so it can be used by other users.

Now in 2019 it is ready..

The goals of the world mead database

  • it is open for meaderies to submit data about its production and honey products including product photos
  • meads can be categorized by type of honey, type of production (cold process / boiled), mead category (classical, metheglin, melomel), sweetness and producers can add a lot of other details that will be used for filtering data
  • it will help customers to find your favourite mead in its country or around the world
  • it will give meaderies to promote its production and connect with own e-shop or with Medovinarna e-shop (we now can ship inside EU)

Plans for future times

  • we want to open the site for mead fans and other contributors to collect data about other meaderies around the world (if owners will not join in by theirselves)
  • to offer users to manage its "mead wishlist", rate mead and give feedback to meaderies
  • to buy mead through our website
  • for meaderies we will start a booking system for their tasting events
  • meaderies will be able to publish news and write articles under its meadery profile
  • mobile app - to easy browse in catalog and rate product outside without PC

Current milestones

  • January 2019 - testing the system with selected meaderies and fixing bugs
  • we will move the database to a new domain
  • February 2019 - official start and promotion !
Anything else missing ? :) Stay tuned!

Any question? Contact me: Jiri Poucek database@meadworld.com