Our Mead database system is now open only for meaderies (Phase I).

You have 2 ways how to submit your meadery profile:
  • to use a direct form to create a new account and a meadery profile in only one step - here
  • or to sign up and then submit a meadery profile from administration site - here
After creating your profile you can add all your meads from List of My meaderies.

Please enter all fields in English (except label name and product name - only these 2 fields need to be filled with original name)

Meadery profile

You can submit these values about your meadery:
  • label name
  • real company name - differs from a label name
  • mark if you are a (non)commercial producer
  • year of foundation - when mead production started
  • write story about your meadery, history, bees etc.
  • enter contact details (website, phone, e-mail)

Mead (or honey product) record

You can submit any honey product but the database is mainly designed for alcoholic beverages fermented or made with honey - mead or honey beer, honey cider etc.

You can fill these fields about your meads:
  • original product name (this field only in your language)
  • english translation of product name
  • brief and detailed characteristics
  • composition and preservatives (if used)
  • tell people about product awards in mead competitions 
  • categorize a product: category of mead / type of honey used / level of sweetness / flavour
  • mark as "barrique" or limited edition
  • you can tell people if mead is recommended as hot mead in winter
  • enter the price and link to your e-shop (now only possible if we don't sell you already on our Mead museum e-shop)


You can also upload photos of your meadery (first image is used as logo) and upload product photos (first image is used as primary product photo). You can reorder photos by drag and drop.

Please use a professional photos. (We can make your product photos in a special photo cabin in Prague for free if you send bottles to Prague.. examples are here. Then we can use your mead for tasting events and promote your meadery in our store)


After submiting new items or re-saving data, records are marked as "For approval" and are not accessible in online catalog. We will check the data in few days and publish it into online catalog.
You can edit data about meadery and products everytime, but every change now needs republishing a page again. So don't do changes every day please:) Decide what you want to enter and do it in one day.

Already in database?

We already entered a lot of meaderies by our hands, so if you find your meadery in list here, contact me and I will give you the access to these records. Only please sign up first and create an account in the system.

Support us! Thank you!

Well, a lot of work done, so we will appreciate
  • any donation - send any payment in €uros to our bank account to IBAN: CZ5220100000002601418970
  • sending samples of your mead for free for tasting events and also to check your entries in database, make a product photos etc.
  • to promote our catalog
  • to promote our e-shop (https://eshop.medovinarna.com)
  • order there meads from different meaderies from 4 countries


Are questions? Any bug or missing value in choices? Just write me a message by e-mail. Thank you!