classical mead



Bodegas Valhalla began as an initiative of several friends with common hobbies: role playing, heavy metal, history ... Little by little and after doing many tests at home we decided to form a company and market our products. Over time we have grown and united several new types of mead. We look forward to continuing to offer new products of the same quality.

Mead production

The elaboration of the mead is not complex, and like wine, its difficulty lies in the control of all the agents that intervene in the process, such as the origin and quality of the honey used, the characteristics of the water, the type of yeast, the selection of the suitable temperature and humidity, the fermentation time, etc. This is where Bodegas Valhalla differs from other manufacturers of this product. The quality of the honey produced in Spain, the self-made yeast and the character of the Seville water used in its production, together with a completely traditional recipe allow us to offer a Mead full of nuances and faithful to the flavor of its origins.