classical mead




Beekeeping in our family has a very long tradition. My grandfather started beekeeping around 1950. He devoted 60 years of his life to bees. My father also joined the beekeeping career around 1970, who is a beekeeper to this day. In 2008, my husband came up with the idea that we could start beekeeping. In the autumn, we started preparations for the upcoming spring, already beekeeping season. In the spring of 2009, we purchased the first 11 beehives and the necessary beekeeping equipment. During the year, we expanded the number to 44 tribal hives. In the next beekeeping season, the number has grown to 96 and we currently manage more than 300 tribal hives. We are intensively engaged in the breeding of queen bees for our own needs, but also for fellow beekeepers who do not engage in this activity.