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Many years ago, while traveling in Germany, I had a chance to visit a local beekeeper, who gave us to try his homemade mead and the next day early in the morning rushed to the street market, in order to sell it. After he was back, we asked to show, where the mead is produced, but we got a chance to see only the room of fermentation. When I got back to Lithuania, I tried to prepare my own homemade mead. Luckily, it turned out the colour of amber. After tasting it, my husband and neighbours praised the drink I made. After this experiment, we started to prepare it for family events and meetings. The experiments continued. Back in 2002, we decided to name our most delicious mead with a poetic name - "Saules Midus", which is equivalent to sun mead. We chose this name because we live near Siauliai, which is called the city of sun. City got this name as well, because of its location: city is located near the famous place where Saules musis (Sun battle) took place and Lithuanians won. In 2003, we made our first label for Saules midus, and the packaging was chosen too. We are always working with a family members to improve our style, which during many years has changed. Roma Mačienė

Mead production

Our mead is naturally fermented and we are creating mead taste with different kind of berries and flowers. At the moment, we are producing six different flavours, such as: Classic mead, mead with gooseberries, mead with dandelion flower, mead with blackberries etc. As well we have already few new tastes trying which already won silver medals in Lithuanian somelje competition.