classical mead


The label Avallon started as an amateur production in 2017, already focused on producing different styles of mead, both traditional and innovative. After winning several national awards (Brazillian Kylix Cup), we started a cooperation with local beer brewery Leopolders in 2019 to produce mead at commercial levels. Since then, some of our commercial meads have also won professional-level national awards.

Mead production

Main products: - Traditional demi-sec mead, "Freya". - Cacao, cinammon and vanilla metheglin, "Ostara". - Traditional dry mead, "Morrighan". Seasonal products: - Sweet bouchet mead, "Ishtar" - Green tea metheglin, "Ame-no-Uzume" - Strong Pyment mead with blackcurrant and anise, "Lilith". - Sparkling cyser, "Eris".