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The name OldPony refers to the Prancing Pony Tavern, a place mentioned in the two most famous books, which tell us about Middle-earth. The tavern is lain down in Bree Village, east of the County. At the beginning of the story from the book ‘The Hobbit,’ says Gandal and Thorin have met there by chance, and Fodo has stopped for an overnight on his way to Valfenda. He accidentally wears the Ring, drawing the Specters attention, and then he has met Aragorn who saves him. The founder of the brand is an unconditional fan of the writer Tolkien. He explains the name is a way of honoring the author's work and more neutral name in relation to the origin of the beverage. Whereas other producers try linking their brands uniquely to Norse mythology. Our mascot also refers to an Iceland horse's breed, which the Vikings have brougth it from Norway. Archaeological discoveries have made in Norway since the time of the Vikings show those horses have never crossed-breeding with other sorts of horses since they arrived more than 1100 years ago in Iceland. Those horses are short, muscular and strong, friendly, patient, and reliable. They symbolize strength, courage, wisdom, and dedication. The company was founded in September 2013 in Mogi-Guaçu City, São Paulo State countryside. It came up from a curious-friends' group interested in old stories and handmade beers, as well as the Alexandre Augusto Peligrini's entrepreneurship. At first, the aim was making handmade beers, but the versatility of the mead associated to market potential, quickly changed the business model into a meadery. • July 2015, the regularization and legalization process starts at Ministry of Agriculture; • January 2017, it is voted the best national mead of 2016 by specialized media; • September 2017, the company obtained its establishment and product registrations by Ministry of Agriculture, then It becomes one of the pioneers and the first specialized in the mead production in national territory; • January 2018, the commercial structuring and geographic expansion plan starts; • June 2018, the company acquires the brand Aegir from Gustavo Cabral Trabulsi; • December 2018, the company diversified its product portfolio, further strengthening its strategy of brand consolidation and national expansion.