classical mead




Mead production

Our principle is producing mead from our own honey. We considere honey as a very valuable food and its quality depends on many circumstances. Character of honey reflects circumjacent nature so it is impossible to find two same honeys. Our aim is to bring this variety into mead. Thanks to own beekeeping we have a good overview of each batch of our honey. We mark the date when and where the honey was extracted, the basic taste characteristics and other analysed information. Subsequently, we store the honey separately in small batches in cold store to maintain its valuable properties for as long as possible. Would you like to know more information about our bees and beekeeping? "There"  you can find it.

Bees and beekeeping

Currently we have 30 bee colonies located in czech forest. We do not migrate our colonies because we think it is too stressfull for them. Our idea is confirmed by experience of USA beekeepers, where the forced migration caused mass death of bees. Healthy and strong bee colony is more important for us than big production.