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Mead that claims to preserve the taste and texture of the honey and to incorporate its natural nuances from fruits and spices in the taste profile in the most gentle way possible. Spirits that make use of the meads properties when they pull the aromas out from the barrels in which the liquid gold was stored. From an early age we have had points of contact with the sale and cuvée of sweet wines and spirits. In the fourth generation, our family runs a wine, spirits and delicatessen trade, a passion that rubbed off and gave birth to the desire to make a sweet wine one day. This idea finally started in 2015 with a small batch of wine. Without much premonition and with the optimism that everything will work, simply fermenting honey couldn't be that difficult, two of us stood in our parents' kitchen and dared the first self-experiment ... with variable success. Since then, the topic of mead has followed us at every turn, ambition was aroused. True to the motto: “Everything needs it's time”, the experiments began with woods, barrel sizes and honey qualities. The individual components should interlock and tell a story together. When our mead has left the barrel, its history is then preserved in the alcohol of our spirits. Each fresh barrel is subsequently filled with spirits selected by us, which ultimately mature through our meads narrative and reveal their full potential. No batch, mead or spirit, is like the previous one, no barrel is the same. Each bottle is unique, made with a love for good taste and appreciation for our raw materials. We hope you enjoy discovering.

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