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Our history began in 2014 during a trip to Prague where we had a taste fo mead for the first time. We were so enthusiastic that we decided to try to reproduce this drink. We started with the first honey, and the raw mixtures, slowly began to get the results and with the passage of time, we began to acquire skills on the world of fermentation and on the control of production processes, deepening and put of what can happen in ten days in a vessel full of water, honey and yeast. For the first two years, our product was a classic mead, dry, full of scents of flowers and honey. Around the third year from the beginning we decided to turn and try to create a drink that could be appreciated and discovered by a wider audience. We searched for experience and contacted experts and professionals from various fields in order to understand how to bring this drink to the next step. In 2018, after several years of trying and consulting, we created the beginning, with a blend of six different honeys, and achieve a balance between tastes and aromas. Thank to this goal we have received funding from a former collaborator, who brought our project to a next level. Meadlight from that moment has developed a certain vision, which seek to promote innovation and research in the field of beverage, supporting a future in the sign of naturalness